Episode 10. Dina Nurpeisova

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Many Kazakh women kuishi were wonderful performers but alas, their names have been mostly lost to history. However, the career and talent of Dina Nurpeisova, a famous Kazakh composer, flourished under more modern conditions, namely those of 20th-century Soviet Kazakhstan. 

Today we will play three of Dina’s famous kuis: “Nauysky” (sometimes called Navoi and dedicated to Uzbek poet and philosopher Alisher Navoi), “Ottin dauren” (Passing Generation) and “Karakaska at” (Black Horse with a White Forehead Mark).

This podcast is based on the anthology Ancient Motifs of the Great Steppe, published by the Auezov Institute of Literature and Art,

Created&Produced by Aitolkyn Kourmanova